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Is God calling you to a life of servant leadership? Maybe He simply wants you to learn more about His Word and the Christian walk, so that you can more effectively communicate Christ to a fallen world? Either way, Shepherds has a program that will fit your life today and tomorrow.

We’re here to guide you from now through graduation.
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Are you being called to full time ministry as a pastor? Maybe you’re interested in becoming a youth pastor, counselor, teacher, or professor? Do you simply want to understand God better or be able to defend your belief in Christ to friends and family?

Whatever your call, whatever your desire, Shepherds has a program that will fit your life.
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Shepherds isn't just a degree, it's an experience! Located in the heart of North Carolina, Shepherds is in the middle of it all. Beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches and the vistas of the Appalachian Mountains are both within a short drive. Shepherds is surrounded by major universities, and high technology —but it's also surrounded by farms, lakes, and country living.

Whatever your interest, Shepherds is close by.

Concerned about the balance between school and life? Our Block Mondays program is a creative and practical way to earn a top rate degree, and keep your sanity along the way.
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Shepherds has an unparalleled faculty and staff, and once you've earned a fully accredited degree, you'll have a sure foundation from which to build whether you're moving into the world of ministry or the world of academia.
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The cost of earning a degree has never been better — and we have a number of different financial assistance and aid programs you can take advantage of.
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Do you have what it takes to be a Shepherds student? Find out by looking through out admissions requirements and process.