Protecting Priorities: Time Management

The theme for our March Shepherds Wives Fellowship meeting was “Protecting Priorities: Time Management.” Our speaker, Gwen Brodd, serves as Director/Teacher – Women’s Bible Study at Colonial Baptist Church here in Cary. She is a great communicator with a wonderful sense of humor. What a blessing to hear from someone with a very busy schedule, who has raised four wonderful young men who are serving their Lord, and has a strong marriage that has stood the test of time and trials. We all came away encouraged and challenged.March 1

Gwen spoke to us about setting our priorities based on God’s Word, making Him the center of every part of our lives, and making sure that those around us see God as our number one priority in life. She emphasized the need to keep our marriages strong and our husbands second only to God. Our children are an important part of our home, but not the center. Gwen helped us to see that the needs of parents, extended family, other believers and the lost world are important, but should not overshadow our God given role of wife and mother. With our priorities set, we were given practical ways to protect and manage those priorities. Thanks Gwen!!

Some things in the Word of God are clear, other things – not so much. The Spiritual Essential for March dealt with identifying gray areas, and giving guidelines for decision making as we deal with these questionable things. Lucy Burggraff’s challenge included these questions as we navigate our way through the gray areas of life.

March 2

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