Celebrating Our Graduating Shepherds Wives

April 4Our April meetings are typically designed to revolve around our graduating wives. This year was no different. To kick off the evening, we enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by the Colonial team. A beautiful setting, sweet fellowship, and great food made for a wonderful time.

A highlight of our evening was hearing several of our wives give testimony of how God led them through their seminary years here at STS. Each one shared their trials, joys, growth and blessings as they experienced God’s life curriculum designed specifically for them. What a thrill to hear how God has lead and is continuing to lead, as they seek His will for their lives.

April 2We closed our SWF year sharing prayer requests and praying for each other. A special time was set aside to pray for our graduating wives as they leave STS for the ministry God has prepared for them.

What a great way to wrap up our SWF year. We now look towards 2013-2014!

April 3

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