Applying to Shepherds

Applying as a Degree Seeking Student

All degree-seeking credit applicants to the seminary must submit the standard application to the Seminary Office.

Application for Degree Seeking Admission

Included with the application, completed in its entirety, must be:

  • a recent photo
  • a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $30 to the seminary
  • a letter of recommendation from your Pastor
  • a letter from spouse stating support

Additionally, you must:

  • complete and mail transcript(s) request form(s)
  • make arrangements to take TOEFL (if English is not your native or birth language)

When you have met these requirements and you are confident that the material you have provided is accurate to the best of your ability, submit all application materials to:

Shepherds Theological Seminary
6051 Tryon Road
Cary, NC 27518

Applying as an Audit Student

There are some students who are interested in engaging in a level of biblical knowledge gained in a seminary classroom but are not interested in seeking a degree or certificate nor in gaining credit for a course. These students want to enjoy the theological resources of the Seminary in order to grow their relationship with God and to pursue work in the church. Our audit program meets this need.

Admission Requirements
There are no admission requirements other than a desire to learn more about Scripture, theology and the skills that can enhance work in the church. The Seminary keeps records of these students and the classes they attend, but no grade is recorded of the work.

Audit Requirements
There are no specific sequence of courses required. At the discretion of the professor, the student can participate fully in the class, including taking quizzes and exams and preparing a paper. However at the discretion of the professor, some classes may be closed in order that students are prepared and qualified to participate fully in the course requirements.

No grades for an audit class will be recorded for the student on Seminary records. At the discretion of the professor, audit students may have their material graded and a final “grade” provided by the professor. However, Seminary policy does not allow conversion of an “audit grade” provided by the professor to the student. The audit grade cannot be converted into a grade for completing the class for degree credit.

Application for Audit Students