Internships & Apprenticeships

Field education is a vital element in preparing seminarians to step into vocational ministry after graduation. Shepherds Seminary requires every degree student to complete the Mentored Practicum Class and the Mentored Internship or Apprenticeship. The STS Mentoring Guide sets forth the field ministry requirements. Under the supervision of qualified approved mentors, the student is guided through a full semester of practical experience in his/her chosen discipline. Pastoral apprenticeships are done through the student’s local church or one approved by the administration. Students whose vocational calling is in foreign missions may complete work on the mission field. Counseling students may serve in church counseling ministries or a variety of other settings.

To learn more about the Mentored Internships and Apprenticeships, view or download the STS Mentoring Handbook in PDF format.

Shepherds Seminary has established 360° A Circle of Shepherds, a regional network of pastors who may serve as mentors for our students. 360° meets quarterly at the seminary and provides:

  • Fellowship among evangelical pastors
  • Cooperation in church-planting initiatives and missions
  • Tuition-free seminary courses for pastors
  • Tuition discounts for pastors and members of 360° churches
  • Placement assistance of churches and pastors
  • Relevant ministry materials to pastors and churches
  • Full access to STS Jackson Library

The New England Center for Expository Preaching and Baptist Mid-Missions provide opportunities for internships in New England and in Europe.

For more information contact Dr. William Barber, Director of Mentoring, at 919-573-1568 or at