Academic Teaching Site

Laramie Valley Chapel

The Laramie Teaching Site Program

Shepherds Theological Seminary is offering a MA in Church Ministry that is taught on the campus of Laramie Valley Chapel to equip students for professional excellence and competence in ministry. We balance academically-challenging classroom study coupled with direct application under the mentoring of practicing ministers in local churches and ministries. Classes are taught on the beautiful campus of Laramie Valley Chapel located near the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming, and accountability and spiritual development are enhanced through wilderness experiences provided by The WEST Institute.

Masters Degree

The Seminary offers a Master of Arts in Church Ministry with a major in Christian Ministry that enables students to respond to God’s call to ministry. This degree can serve as the first professional degree for ministry in a number of disciplines and positions in the local church either vocationally or as lay persons. The full-time student can complete academic course and mentored internship requirements in one year; the part-time student can complete requirements in two years. The Master of Arts degree can be used as a stepping stone to the Master of Divinity.


Students enroll in the Shepherds Theological Seminary master degree program through the normal application process after meeting standard entrance requirements (see catalog and application information for details). The Director of the Laramie Teaching Site and The WEST Institute coordinates all applications for entry to the program. Students enroll as cohorts to engage in a one-year or two-year schedule to meet degree requirements.

Course Delivery

Courses are taught in classrooms outfitted at Laramie Valley Chapel for academic teaching. Various means are employed to conduct the teaching: a) classes taught by professors on LVC campus; b) STS professor located on main campus in Cary, NC teaching the class through web based conferencing (professor and class members can see and talk to one another and print materials are displayed on screen); c) courses video-taped in classes at main campus and delivered by DVD at LVC with a class moderator; and d) module classes taken by students on STS main campus in Cary, NC.

Outdoor Program by The WEST Experience

The WEST Institute, a ministry of Laramie Valley Chapel in partnership with The WEST Experience, provides students with an immense number of opportunities for people of all skill levels – scenic weekend hikes, quick snowshoe treks, or intense five day mountaineering trips into the heart of the Wind River Mountain Range – the options are numerous. Students have the ability to get away from all the distractions of ordinary life and stretch themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually through outdoor pursuits.

* A baccalaureate is required to enter the master’s degree programs.

* By means of distance learning courses originating from the Cary campus as well as modules taken by the students on the Cary campus, Shepherds ensures that less than 50% of the courses taken by students originate from the Laramie Valley Chapel Teaching Site.