Sure, you might be interested in basket weaving. But interest doesn’t translate into value.

What is the value of an education? Rigorous, unapologetic, well defined academics. If you’re looking for an academic program that will stretch your mind, that will challenge you, and will mold you into the image of Christ, Shepherds is the right place to look. What will you learn at Shepherds? Theology. Hermeneutics. Preaching. Teaching. Apologetics. Leading. Worship. Research. Greek. History. Philosophy. Counseling. Worldview. Hebrew.

But most of all what you’ll learn is the Word of God. From Genesis to Revelation, from the original languages to the latest scholarship, you’ll focus on the Word of God.

To get there, you’ll need great teachers. And great classes. And great resources, like a world class library.

Take a look around at the academic foundations of Shepherds. And be ready to stretch your mind and your heart to God’s purpose.

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