The Paul K. Jackson Library represents Shepherds Theological Seminary’s commitment to academic excellence and scholarly research. The library holdings are structured to support the research needs of both faculty and students. The holdings are composed of print, digital and other media materials. Printed materials are organized into regular circulation (called “stacks”), reference, faculty reserves, and academic journals. Collection development is intended to offer a wide doctrinal footprint of materials needed for Master’s level research or higher. Many new titles are also chosen by faculty and students for their overall usefulness in research. Several computers are provided within the library with select digital resources. The Theological Journal Library from Galaxie is available for students on the library computers. The ATLA Religion Database with Serials, hosted by EBSCO, is available both in the library itself and remotely through a designated student login. The Jackson Library OPAC (online catalog) site also offers links to local university libraries as well as partner libraries in the Carolina Theological Library Consortia. Students of STS enjoy reciprocal borrowing privileges from these CTLC schools. The library also offers inter-library loans through a cooperative that has been established with quick access to libraries across the United States.

The Jackson Library holdings are housed on the joint campus of Shepherds Theological Seminary and Colonial Baptist Church. The Jackson library underwent significant growth and changes in its earlier years. It is now located in an attractive and well-organized facility designed for easy access by students, as well as for extended study and research. The Jackson library facilities include over 3,000 square feet of shelving, study carrels, study tables, a private study room, a circulation desk with self-checkout features, and the Librarian’s office. Library computers have Microsoft Office installed in addition to general Internet access.

The current holdings for Shepherds Theological Seminary are in excess of 30,000 print and digital materials. These holdings are contained mainly in the Jackson Library. Additional holdings are found in the Pastor’s Library or the Laramie Valley Teaching Site in Laramie, WY. While offering a diversity of perspectives and points of view, the library nonetheless focuses on holding that represent the school’s concentration areas of Bible commentary, Hermeneutics and Exegesis, Theology, Apologetics, Biblical Languages, Church History, Pastoral Ministry, Missions, and Biblical Counseling. Additional materials of a less academic nature can also be obtained on campus through the Colonial Church Library, located on the opposite side of the Colonial Baptist Church campus.

The STS library offers student orientation regarding research methods, tools, and the efficient use of online resources that are available to students. The Librarian is also available to offer guidance for student projects and other research needs. Assistance is provided regarding topic selection, resource gathering, thesis development, argument, and writing standards. Student Guidelines for Research and Writing, with the particulars of formatting standards for STS, are provided online and in print form within the library.

The Jackson Library is accessed by electronic key cards issued to all students and staff. Access into the Colonial Church building is limited from 7 am till 10 pm, but students may enter and exit through the library entrance door 24 hours a day. The Librarian maintains offices hours Monday through Thursday, and volunteer staff is present during selected hours, also Monday through Thursday. Students are expected to maintain an academically appropriate atmosphere when using the library, especially when staff is not present. Guests and non-student patrons may also use the library during weekday hours by scheduling an appointment. Jackson Library hosts a bi-annual book drive called the Professor’s Choice Book Event. New holdings and arrivals are often displayed at the entrance to the library and next to the circulation counter.

To contact the Jackson Library, call 919-390-1104, or email Dr. Coberly, Director of Library Resources.

The Jackson Library at STS is named in memory of Paul K. Jackson, founding Seminary Professor of Old and New Testament. He we well-loved by his students and members of Colonial Baptist Church where he was the Adult Ministries Pastor.

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