Global Impact

STS seeks to be a resource for advancing biblical education globally by reaching out to train pastors, missionaries and lay people in areas where other higher academic resources are not available. The primary emphasis is preparing people in these areas for service within their native countries. In all these venues, education proceeds through a combination of three elements:

  • Classes taught by Shepherds’ professors traveling to the national location
  • Distance learning
  • Selected national students/faculty attending classes on Shepherds’ campus

Build the Village and Winchester Academy of Theological Studies

Colonial Baptist Church has an established involvement in missions in the Nairobi area for a number of years. This ministry has developed into a partnership supporting an expanding program underway by Build The Village Ministries in the regions of Kapchpsir, Chepkunyuk, Cheripsi, Nandi Hills, Morsoriot and Eldoret. During 2006, several major events occurred which are drawing Shepherds deeply into this ministry. Major construction of the master plan was initiated with the completion of the Community Baptist Church of Kenya and Bible school and the start of the secondary school and orphanage. These are already providing the facilities for the local church community as well as Bible school classes for students from throughout the region.

winchester-academyWinchester Academy

The Ministry of Education of Kenya granted privileges to award degrees to Winchester Academy of Theological Studies (WATS), which is named after Shepherds’ own Dr. Samuel Winchester. The biblical studies program has already begun to award completion certificates to lay leaders who have planted eight churches in the region. Theological training is underway for pastors who are seeking the Diploma of New Testament Studies. For more information about Build The Village, visit the website at