About Shepherds

Seminary is much more than just a building and books; it is a community of believers with a history of global impact and a vision of the future on which lives and ministries are founded. The pages below allow you to explore the history, people, and global impact of our seminary — an intimate school with long reach, strong values, and a singular vision.

Doctrinal Statement
A doctrinal statement defines an institution like nothing out. It guides by providing a framework in which to resolve conflict and questions. It protects by providing a set of ground rules by which believers should live.

What does Shepherds believe? Read our doctrinal statement here.
Purpose: Building Servant Leaders
Shepherds Theological Seminary exists to equip servant leaders for life and ministry by strategically shaping both intellect and character through biblical scholarship and personal mentoring.

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We base our philosophy of education on the theological certainty that the one true triune God has revealed Himself to mankind in the Christian Scriptures.

Read more about Shepherds educational objectives, educational philosophy, and learning outcomes here.
Our faculty is committed to sound scholarship and absolute loyalty to God’s inerrant and infallible Word. The faculty’s goal is to embrace a biblical balance for life and ministry in the subjects being taught. Those who teach will also model these principles in and out of the classroom.

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Paul K. Jackson Library
The Paul K. Jackson Library represents Shepherds Theological Seminary’s commitment to academic excellence and scholarly research. The library holdings are structured to support the research needs of both faculty and students.

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The vision for Shepherds Theological Seminary was born in the heart of Dr. Stephen Davey, senior pastor of Colonial Baptist Church. Sensing a need for the church to be on the cutting edge of providing quality theological training for believers, he articulated that the goal of Shepherds Theological Seminary was “…to produce a generation of servant leaders who are equipped for effective ministry within their local church, and to prepare those who will serve vocationally as pastors, teachers, missionaries, educators and ministry leaders.”

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