ii13 Update: Flying Home


Please keep the ii13 Crew in your prayers as they travel back from Israel.

All Glory to God for another successful study trip to the Holy Land. After walking where Jesus walked, our students will forever look at scripture with a new eye. This is just one of our goals here at Shepherds – to [...]

ii13 Update: Herodian Stones

One of the really cool things we did today was go in the tunnel that runs next to the western retaining wall of the temple mount. Herod the Great renovated the temple mount and enlarged it greatly. In order to have the platform large enough Herod had retaining walls built on each side. During the [...]

ii13 Update- Digging Up the Past – the City of David and the Southern Wall

It was a full day on foot in Jerusalem, as the Israel Initiative travelers ventured into the heart of the city. The sun was shining, the streets began thawing out from the recent snowfall, and all were in good spirits, eager to learn about the important events which occurred in this historic place.

In an [...]

ii13 Update – Culture’s Enduring Importance


Without clear skies and open roads, we have had plenty of time to immerse ourselves in Jewish culture here in Jerusalem. Today was Shabbat (Sabbath), and absolutely everything (except for the Arab shopping district) was closed in according to Jewish law. This law, along with laws about men and women at the [...]

ii13 Update – Yahweh, God of All Nations

After two days of unprecedented Jerusalem snow, Sunday morning saw the clouds give way and the sun rise in the clear blue eastern sky. We had been sequestered for two days in the Holy City. But now, on the first day of the week, the sun had risen (does that sound vaguely familiar?). Our mission [...]

ii13 Update – The Walls Came Tumbling Down?


Every kid who’s grown up in church knows the story of Jericho. Their Sunday School teachers carefully described to them how Joshua and his men marched around the city for seven days and how the walls fell down flat once the people blew their trumpets. It all makes for a very nice story, but is [...]