Events Calendar

August 30, 2013Convocation
September 11, 2013Shepherds Wives' Fellowship
Welcome New Students
Meet the Faculty Wives
September 21, 2013Family Picnic
October 7, 2013Bridge the Gap through Golf Tournament
October 16, 2013Shepherds Wives' Fellowship
Reaching a Hurting World
Stephen Pritchett
October 21, 2013Colloquium
November 13, 2013Shepherds Wives' Fellowship
Tea Talk - Panel
Contentment in Ministry
Barb Ross/Caroline Davey
Robin Harbaugh/Joyce Rundlett
December 14, 2013
Saturday 10:00am
Home of Jane Zempel
Shepherds Wives' Fellowship
Christmas Brunch
Prepare our Hearts for the Holidays
January 31, 2014Convocation
February 12, 2014Shepherds Wives' Fellowship
Communication in a Ministry Marriage
Jane Zempel
March 12, 2014Shepherds Wives' Fellowship
Those Prickly People
Lucy Burggraff
April 9, 2014Shepherds Wives' Fellowship
Senior Testimonies
May 18, 2014Graduation