The vision for Shepherds Theological Seminary was born in the heart of Dr. Stephen Davey, senior pastor of Colonial Baptist Church. Sensing a need for the church to be on the cutting edge of providing quality theological training for believers, he articulated that the goal of Shepherds Theological Seminary was “…to produce a generation of servant leaders who are equipped for effective ministry within their local church, and to prepare those who will serve vocationally as pastors, teachers, missionaries, educators and ministry leaders.”

When Shepherds Theological Seminary commenced its program in January 2003, we began to offer Master of Arts courses. We were surprised at how many students wanted to take at least one class to further their understanding of the Word of God. These entering students testified that STS had a quality program served by competent scholars who would offer them the tools that would prepare them to communicate more effectively the Word of God and relate their Christian faith to the modern world.

Since that first day of classes, STS has continued to see significant growth. In September of 2005, only two years after its inception, STS launched its Master of Divinity program. With nearly 100 students enrolled in its MA and MDiv programs, STS continues to invest its resources in new faculty and programs for the benefit of the students. Shepherds maintains the focus it had at its founding: providing sound theological education with the goal of equipping students as servant leaders for life.